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Some of our past training themes have explored loneliness, disability, dying, money in the counselling relationship, sleep disorders, autism, safeguarding and trauma. All our training topics are chosen for their relevance to our client group. The feedback we have received from participants has been consistently positive.


SAGE Counselling Training Day


SAGE Counselling Training Days

Forthcoming workshops at The Friends’ Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester, PO19 1NX 

From 10 am to 1 pm

10th November 2018   Making the most of supervision by Mary Ashwin and Lynn Bertram.

2nd March 2019           Introduction to telephone counselling. In house training for SAGE Counsellors only. 

11th May 2019             AGM at 9.30 followed by lecture of Dementia by Paul Devonshire at 10 am.

LECTURE – Remembering and forgetting with Paul Devonshire

Memory is an important element in counselling – there is the reliance on a client’s memory to give an accurate account of his or her personal history, and there is the need for the client to learn, retaining whatever insights that may be gained in a session and taking them into the future.

There are several objectives to the presentation:-

1. To highlight that memory is not a simple unitary concept – memory functions can be divided into different kinds of memory, related to the different senses and different kinds of material that are being handled.

2. To detail what current explanations in neuropsychology help understand how memory, or rather memories work.

3. To consider how the learning process can be assisted.

Date: Saturday, 11 May 2019

To book, please contact Marian Stapley: Tel: 07815628911
or email: for this event.

22nd June 2019           Working with Anger. A response to age and disability by Mary Ashwin and Lynn Bertram.

9th November 2019    Endings. The impact on the therapist.S

Tea and Coffee are served. 

The training sessions are held at The Friends’ Meeting House, Priory Road, Chichester, PO19 1NX at from 10 am to 1 pm

Please note there is no long term parking in Priory Road. The nearest long term car parking is at Northgate, Chichester, PO19 6AA.

The training sessions are mandatory for SAGE Counselling team members at a subsidised cost of £5 per person.

Attendance certificates for continued professional development (CPD) will be issued at the end of the training.

Counsellors and psychotherapists from outside SAGE Counselling are welcome to attend at a cost of £25. Please contact Margaret Hambrook on 07585 141 599 or

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