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Organisations who have awarded us grants

SAGE Counselling is very grateful to the organisations below for awarding us funding. The grants have been used to create and maintain a new website and search engine optimisation as a platform for publicity. The new website will help us reach more people in the community who need a home visiting counsellor. It will also give detailed information about our service. These grants also help pay for other essential costs enabling us to provide a fully professional service.

Grateful thanks to West Sussex County Council for £760 for printing leaflets, postage and stationary for publicity purposes. Also grateful thanks to the Awards for All England for awarding us £7,800 in June 2017.  

Once or twice a year we put on fundraising events and welcome donations from anyone interested in helping this worthwhile charity. 


Chichester County Council
  £1,000 awarded to pay for Search     Engine Optimization for two years.
£4685 for mileage costs,
Recruitment, and salaries.



£760 for printing leaflets, postage and                                                      £7,800 for supervision costs and salaries 2017

stationary for publicity purposes.                                                                              Awards for all England

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