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Fees & FAQ

Some questions you might have.

FAQ - SAGE Counselling

Contribution Costs?

Sage Counselling is a registered charity and our counsellors give their time voluntarily. However, we do have expenses in order to get a counsellor to visit.

It costs Sage Counselling on average £30 thousand a year to run the service which pays for supervision, administration, mileage, insurance and other operational costs.


The standard fee of £35 for a counselling assessment – £35

The standard fee of £35 for each counselling session – £35 per weekly session

Range of concessions

We will not turn anyone away with financial constraints and offer a range of concessions to ensure the cost to our clients is affordable. This will be discussed at your initial contact with Sage Counselling administrator and again with the assessment counsellor.

Initial Free Conversation

Please call Caroline on 07585 141599 who can help you with any questions about fees and concessions, availability of counsellors in your area and anything else you want to know. Please leave your name and telephone number if Caroline is not able to take your call.

How long does counselling last?

Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes.  At the end of each meeting arrangements are made for the following session.

What about confidentiality?

Sage counsellors are bound by the BACP Ethical Framework and all that is talked about in the sessions remains confidential. Trust and confidentiality are a part of the counselling relationship. However there are limitations to confidentiality if the counsellor has concerns that might necessitate contacting other professionals. The issues that would raise concern might be if a client is seriously thinking about harming themselves or someone else. We would always endeavor to speak with the client before contacting any other professional but if there is an immediate threat to personal safety we would break confidentiality without consent. This is extremely rare but important that we make our position clear. At the assessment clients are given information about confidentiality and are given an opportunity to ask questions.

Our counsellors receive supervision in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework. This is to ensure that the work they are doing is ethical, safe and effective. This means that the counsellors will discuss their work with a clinical supervisor who is also bound by BACP confidentiality regulations. The focus of these discussions in supervision is around how the counsellor is working with the client and not on the clients personal material.

Find out more at the BACP website BACP Ethical Framework.

How many session will there be?

Everyone is unique and the number of sessions depends on each person’s needs. It is usual to agree to a six meetings. During the sixth session the counsellor will help the client review feelings and thoughts about counselling so far. Counselling can then continue or finish depending upon the person’s’ needs. When the client wants to stop counselling, we request one final session to review the work that has been done.



A home counselling service for adults with limited mobility

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